Concert Choir

The first rehearsal for Concert Choir is taking place in Room 83 on Monday September 14th. Please be there at 3:40 - 4:50. Bring your yellow sheet for a treat at the end of rehearsal! Feel free to bring friends and newcomers for a fun filled rehearsal!

This is traditionally one of Bayview's largest music ensembles with anyone at Bayview from Grade 9 - 12 able to join. The idea is to allow the joy of singing to be experienced by anyone regardless of having music in their timetable. The Concert Choir strives to sing music of rich harmonies and challenges in every section, but most of all, the repertoire is chosen to create joy and enthusiasm in each singer while learning the importance of dedication, teamwork, balance and blend. The choir rehearses twice weekly working towards their preformance at commencement, three additional school concerts and at least one music festival.


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